Are you prepared
to cope with an emergency?

A large-scale emergency could cause your business to grind to a halt,
affecting your employees, customers, your equipment and even your premises.
The implication could be reduced market share, long-term uncertainty or even failure.

You Need An Ally
Preparing for emergencies is challenging and time consuming.

Often the internal resources of an organization are stretched just to meet day-to-day requirements. We can help. By augmenting your team to develop and execute a complete emergency management program or assisting where you need additional support. Emergencies and business interruptions represent some of the most difficult moments in the life of any organization.


The Preparedness Cycle starts and ends with Planning.
Are your Plans up to date?

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Staff must be Trained to meet the Plan requirements.
Are your staff fully Trained?

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Exercises are a means to validate your Plans.
When did you last Exercise?

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The right words, at the right time, to the right audience.
How are your Communication skills?

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An example of the Ally Team support to a full-scale exercise that engaged all four disciplines: Planning, Training, Exercising and Communicating.



Click on image above to view video. Video courtesy of Fortis BC. All rights reserved.

We Are Your Ally

Years of experience, coupled with an uncompromising work ethic and an ability to listen to clients' concerns and challenges, are qualities the Ally team bring to each and every project.

Our Experience

Ally Emergency Management Consulting Inc. brings both depth and breadth to help you deal with emergencies.


Our Expertise

Our true expertise is in listening to understand you and your needs and then adapting our knowledge and effort to your circumstances.


Our Ethos

We are here to be your Ally: to have your interests at heart, to share your burdens, and to use our full capabilities to help you succeed.


Our "Allies"

A selection of the diverse organizations the Team
at Ally have succesfully supported.